Thursday, March 10, 2011

Executive directors to manage IT, HR and labor relations

Three administrators have been named to manage information technologies, human resources and labor relations across the three University of Illinois campuses.

Appointed by UI President Michael J. Hogan: Michael Hites as executive chief information officer, Maureen Parks as executive director for human resources and Steven Veazie as executive director of labor and employee relations. The positions and attendant responsibilities stem from recommendations in the final report of the Administrative Review and Restructuring Working Group.

The ARR report in June examined administrative functions at the Urbana, Chicago and Springfield campuses, central university administration, the UI Alumni Association and the UI Foundation.

Hogan cited two principles that guided the working group and are important to the executive director positions: clarify organizational structures to better align responsibilities and accountability, and improve coordination and sharing of resources to enhance service and achieve economies of scale.

“It’s what I refer to as integration of back-office but mission-critical operations to make us a more cohesive and effective entity,” Hogan said.

Hogan said the three administrators have outstanding reputations in their fields and extensive knowledge in their areas of responsibility.

Hites joined the university in 2008 with more than 15 years of experience in higher education information technology administration. He will retain his position as associate vice president for administrative information technology services. As executive chief information officer, each campus chief information officer will report to Hites regarding administrative IT operations and policies. He will oversee the universitywide implementation of the ARR report’s IT recommendations. Hites reports to Walter Knorr, vice president and chief financial officer.

Parks has worked as a human resources professional at the university for more than a decade. As executive director, she will oversee non-academic human resources staff members on each campus and the implementation of the ARR report’s recommendations. Faculty human resource matters will continue to be handled at the campus level. Also an associate vice president, Parks reports to Knorr.

Veazie has been with the university for more than 25 years and has extensive experience negotiating agreements with collective bargaining units. He has served as deputy legal counsel and counsel for the Urbana campus. Veazie retains his position as deputy legal counsel reporting to University Legal Counsel Tom Bearrows. He also reports to Hogan regarding university-wide coordination of labor and employee relations.

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