Monday, March 05, 2018

UIS students win the outstanding large delegation award at the Model Illinois Government simulation

University of Illinois Springfield students were honored with the outstanding large delegation award during the annual Model Illinois Government (MIG) simulation at the Illinois State Capitol on March 2-4, 2018.

Four UIS students were elected to statewide office within the Model Illinois Government organization. Payton Raso was elected speaker of the house, Chloe Compton president of the senate, Cale Bergschneider comptroller and Collin Cisco treasurer.

Six students were named to caucus leadership spots within the house and senate. Payton Raso was named majority leader in the house (Democrats), Noah Danner was named assistant minority leader in the house (Republicans), Conor McKenzie was named majority whip in the house (Democrats), and Joseph Partain was named minority whip in the house (Republicans), Chloe Compton was named majority leader in the senate (Democrats) and Cale Bergschneider majority whip in the senate (Democrats).

UIS students honored with individual awards include Payton Raso (outstanding member of the house), Chloe Compton (outstanding member of the senate), Joseph Partain (outstanding first year delegate in the house) and Collin Cisco (outstanding OMB analyst). UIS alum Garrie Allen won the award for outstanding staff member.

Outgoing UIS leadership on the MIG executive board includes Zachary Sullivan, who served as president of the senate; Caitlin Osborn, who served as treasurer; and Donnie Lewis, who served as comptroller.

Each year, students from more than 20 colleges and universities around the state gather at the Illinois State Capitol to serve as legislators, staffers, lobbyists, journalists, and officials of the executive branch. Through committee actions, a regular legislative session and a veto session, participants learn the legislative process by doing it.

MIG members get started in the fall term preparing legislation, polishing up parliamentary skills, and organizing the membership into a delegation for the spring conference.

For more information, contact Kenneth Owen, MIG faculty advisor and UIS assistant professor of history, at 217/206-7439 or

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