Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Students Beat Alumni by 3 in Annual Game

By Courtney Westlake

Even with UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen on their team, the alumni of UIS couldn't pull off a victory against the team of current students.

Tuesday night's Student vs. Alumni basketball game proved close though, with a 3-point win by the students. The final score: 35 to 32.

The two teams started out with warm-ups and introductions in front of a small crowd of students, faculty, staff, friends and family. Several UIS men's and women's basketball players served as the referees for the friendly event.

Alumni, staff and faculty of all ages came out for the game, which was played in two 15 minute halves.

The game started with the students leading most of the first half, but the alumni came from behind to lead at halftime. The second half proved exciting, and the students were named the winners in the end.