Friday, January 15, 2010

Holden article published in Energy Law Journal

An article by University of Illinois Springfield Professor of Political Science Dr. Matthew Holden, Jr. was recently published in the international Energy Law Journal.

The article “Energy Policy and the Obama Administration: Some Choices and Challenges” talks about the struggles the new Administration is facing.

Dr. Holden is the first Wepner Distinguished Professor in Political Science at UIS and is a nationally recognized expert on public administration, politics and law, urban politics and racial and ethnic relations.

Energy Law Journal is published twice a year, it has over 2,900 subscribers in the United States and 22 foreign countries, including Canada, England, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Austria, France, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Scotland, Singapore, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Turkey.

You can read the article in the December 2, 2009, edition or online at:

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