Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Leadership lived: Student helps plan major campus events


Aretha Hughes helps plan two of the biggest annual events on the University of Illinois Springfield campus. As traditions co-coordinator for the Student Activities Committee, she’s responsible for planning Homecoming and Springfest activities.

The psychology major from Chicago is also vice president of the Spirit Team and a member of the Black Student Union.

“With homecoming, my main part was (planning) the actual dance,” said Hughes. “I helped to set up the voting and nominations for the homecoming royalty and I did a lot of the decorating and planning.”

Hughes says attending UIS has taught her a lot of about leadership and has helped to improve her communication skills and her ability to work professionally with others.

She enjoys her leadership roles on campus because they give her a break from academic work.

“Getting outside of the books, it makes college a lot more worthwhile,” said Hughes. “You get to network with people and you get to do a lot of things that you’re interested in.”

After she graduates from UIS, Hughes plans to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology and wants to help youth who are in need.

“I feel like once I get to the point where I’m done with school or done with doing things on campus that I feel like I’ll be ready,” she said.

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