Thursday, August 11, 2005

Close-knit community is a perfect fit for Bair

By Melanie Cain

When the time came for Lindy Bair to choose a college, she knew exactly what she was looking for. “I came from a very small town and high school, and I liked the close-knit bond my classmates and I formed through the years,” says Lindy. “I was looking for a school where I wouldn't have to lose this feeling.”

It was just by chance that Lindy signed up to listen when the UIS representative visited her high school. “I was very impressed by her sincerity, honesty, and all-round enthusiasm for UIS,” says Lindy. “When I applied to colleges, I only applied to two. I attended preview days at both schools, but the minute I set foot on the UIS campus, I knew that this was where I was going to go,” she explains.

After choosing UIS, Lindy started thinking about what she wanted to accomplish during her time here. She says, “Just as UIS was hoping to shape my educational future, I was hoping for a chance to shape the future of UIS through the Capital Scholars program. My goal during my time at UIS was to balance both studies and extracurricular involvement.”

During her four years on campus, Lindy learned just how great a university UIS was. “I saw first hand how student-oriented the campus is. I never felt that there was a professor I couldn't ask a question of or share a concern with. At UIS I always felt like a student and never a number,” she says. Lindy appreciated these aspects of the college and never took them for granted.

She also realized that in order to really enjoy yourself in college, you have to get out there and experience all you can. “At UIS I learned that being a part of the campus means getting involved. One of the campus activities that I was most involved in was the UIS Choir,” says Lindy. “Through the choir I was able to meet faculty, staff, students, and community members. Watching the program grow and change through the years was a neat experience and one that I will miss when I leave here.”

Looking back, Lindy realizes that she made the right choice in coming to UIS. “The Capital Scholars program as a whole was an amazing experience, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I developed so many wonderful friendships and learned so much during my time there,” she explains.

Lindy earned her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts in May 2005 as a member of UIS’ first graduating class of Capital Scholars. In the fall, she will return to UIS to finish up a few classes in the Teacher Education program and she will be student teaching in the spring. After that, she hopes to find a position as an elementary school teacher.

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