Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Professor delivers finance seminar in Mexico

Dr. Nancy Scannell, associate professor in the College of Business and Management at UIS, was invited to deliver a finance seminar in January 2009 to students at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Chihuahua campus in Mexico in collaboration with a designated co-professor as part of the campus' initiative to internationalize its curriculum.

While in Chihuahua, Nancy also met with students at nearby University Autonomy de Chihuahua to share information about UIS and to discuss the financing university studies in the U.S. Nancy´s presentation was organized by Mtra. Silvia Muñiz Baeza, head of the Office of Scholarships & Programs abroad for the Secretary of Education of Culture of Chihuahua Government. Nancy wishes to thank Rick Lane, director of the Office of International Student Services at UIS and Lori Giordano, UIS Admissions, for facilitating the international student recruitment endeavor.