Thursday, February 11, 2010

UIS library professor selected for leadership conference

Christine Ross, assistant professor of Library Instructional Services at the University of Illinois Springfield and director of Collections and Research Services at UIS’ Brookens Library, is one of 30 Illinois librarians who were selected to participate in Synergy: The Illinois Library Leadership Initiative, a year-long program designed to develop future leaders in the library professions in Illinois.

The group of librarians will attend three sessions and work in a unique environment with other developing leaders, experienced Illinois library leaders and nationally-recognized speakers. The goal of the program is for each individual to develop leadership skills that can be applied in local, state and global arenas.

“I am truly honored to have been nominated and chosen to participate in this year’s Synergy Initiative,” Ross said. “I look forward to working with my colleagues from across the state and bringing back to Brookens Library the experience and ideas I gain through my participation.”

The Synergy seminars will be held April 20 through 22 in Utica, August 3 through 5 in Grafton, and October 26 through 28 in Lisle. The seminars are sponsored by the Illinois State Library and the Illinois Library Association.

“Synergy participants will be exposed to new strategies and new ways of thinking about the future of the library profession,” said Illinois State Library Director Anne Craig. “We must be proactive and seek out new library leaders and keep our libraries growing and vibrant in the coming years. I am confident that our Synergy participants will help us chart a course for the future that encourages citizens to enter the library profession and become library leaders, while maintaining our libraries as cornerstones of our communities.”


Anonymous said...

She has been a wonderful addition to the campus!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, whatever happened to her. I assume she left UIS, but not sure where she went.