Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adjunct faculty member receives award for "best scholarly article"

Dr. Boria Sax, an adjunct assistant professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois Springfield, is the recipient of the 2010 Eisenstein-DeLacy Award for "best scholarly article" from the National Congress of Independent Scholars (NCIS).

The award was given for his work on the article "The Tower Ravens as Mascots of Britain in World War II”, which was published in the German book Animals in War: From Antiquity to the Present (2009), edited by Rainer Poepenhege. The book explores how animals have been important participants in war.

The Eisenstein-DeLacy award is given biannually in recognition of the best published article submitted by an NCIS member.

Sax’s other recent publications include the book The Raven and the Sun: Poems and Stories (2010). The book is a “collection of poems and tales, centered on the mysterious world of crows and ravens that exists around us almost unnoticed,” according to the publisher. Sax explores the “universality of the narratives in which animal wisdom plays, as he retells Eastern European and Native American crow/raven tales.”

Sax has been teaching in the Philosophy Department at UIS since spring 2006. He teaches online courses such as “Philosophy and Animals” and “Animals and Human Civilization”. His "Animals in Human Society" course won a national award from the Humane Society for the "best new course" in 2007.

Sax is a critically acclaimed author and scholar, as well as an authority on online learning.

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