Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UIS Blue Crew ready to make some noise!

The Blue Crew, the student cheering section at Illinois Springfield, is growing and ready to cheer the Prairie Stars onto victory.

A dedicated group of students, led by President Tony Vetter, are in charge of the group this year. The crew plans to attend the majority of UIS home sporting events, including men’s and women’s soccer and basketball games. They also hope to make it to volleyball matches, tennis tournaments and baseball games.

“I love coming to the games. I love screaming and yelling at the stands. I would love to have 100-125 people behind me yelling with me,” said Vetter.

So far, Blue Crew attendance this year is up, as more students get involved. Crew leaders are happy to paint your face, give you a megaphone or even a pompom to cheer on the Stars!

“It’s a lot more fun and I think the teams really like it,” said Alex Kinzinger, junior legal studies and political science major.

So how do you get involved? The best way is to follow the UIS Blue Crew Facebook page and show up to the games with your game face on!

“The louder we can get, the better off we are,” said Tyler Scherer, junior political science and communication major.

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