Thursday, November 03, 2016

Leadership lived: Student leader lands job before graduation

As president of the Student Government Association (SGA), Austin Mehmet often serves as a voice for all University of Illinois Springfield students. It’s a position that’s taught him a lot about leadership and responsibility.

“I think it’s taught me a lot about how to work with others, about teamwork, and how to delegate authority to particular people,” he said.

Mehmet, a senior computer science and legal studies major from Springfield, is set to graduate in May and already has a software development job lined up with State Farm Insurance in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to his SGA role, Mehmet is a team captain on the mock trial team and a member of the Model Illinois Government Moot Court.

“College is what you make of it and as you become more and more engaged on campus, you gain more and more value from your college degree,” he said.

Out of all of his leadership roles, Mehmet is most passionate about being a voice for students. He worked his way up to the SGA presidency, starting as a senator and then treasurer.

“I like student government because I like to see the change that I want to see,” he said. “I have goals that I see this university going in five or ten years and I want to offer my input on these particular issues and I want to ensure that students are well represented.”

Mehmet says he will leave UIS feeling well prepared and ready to start his future career.

“UIS has helped prepare me to lead in a role outside of the university,” he said. “If you were to sum up everything I’ve done at the university, it’s prepared me for a job or an internship within leadership outside of UIS.”

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